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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/flat_set.h"
class Err;
class ParseNode;
// Each pair here represents the string representation of the substitution in GN
// and in Ninja.
struct Substitution {
const char* name;
const char* ninja_name;
Substitution(const Substitution&) = delete;
Substitution& operator=(const Substitution&) = delete;
using SubstitutionTypes = const std::vector<const Substitution*>;
// All possible substitutions, organized into logical sets.
extern const std::vector<SubstitutionTypes*> AllSubstitutions;
// The set of substitutions available to all tools.
extern const SubstitutionTypes GeneralSubstitutions;
// Types of substitutions.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionLiteral;
// Valid for all tools. These depend on the target and
// do not vary on a per-file basis.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionOutput;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionLabel;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionLabelName;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionLabelNoToolchain;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionRootGenDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionRootOutDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionOutputDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionOutputExtension;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionTargetGenDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionTargetOutDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionTargetOutputName;
// Valid for all compiler tools.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSource;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceNamePart;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceFilePart;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceRootRelativeDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceGenDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceOutDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionSourceTargetRelative;
// Valid for bundle_data targets.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundleRootDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundleContentsDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundleResourcesDir;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundleExecutableDir;
// Valid for compile_xcassets tool.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundleProductType;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionBundlePartialInfoPlist;
extern const Substitution SubstitutionXcassetsCompilerFlags;
// Used only for the args of actions.
extern const Substitution SubstitutionRspFileName;
// A wrapper around an array if flags indicating whether a given substitution
// type is required in some context. By convention, the LITERAL type bit is
// not set.
struct SubstitutionBits {
// Merges any bits set in the given "other" to this one. This object will
// then be the union of all bits in the two lists.
void MergeFrom(const SubstitutionBits& other);
// Converts the substitution type set to a vector of the types listed. Does
// not include SubstitutionLiteral.
void FillVector(std::vector<const Substitution*>* vect) const;
// This set depends on global uniqueness of pointers, and so all points in
// this set should be the Substitution* constants.
base::flat_set<const Substitution*> used;
// Returns true if the given substitution pattern references the output
// directory. This is used to check strings that begin with a substitution to
// verify that they produce a file in the output directory.
bool SubstitutionIsInOutputDir(const Substitution* type);
// Returns true if the given substitution pattern references the bundle
// directory. This is used to check strings that begin with a substitution to
// verify that they produce a file in the bundle directory.
bool SubstitutionIsInBundleDir(const Substitution* type);
// Returns true if the given substitution is valid for the named purpose.
bool IsValidBundleDataSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
bool IsValidSourceSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
bool IsValidScriptArgsSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
// Both compiler and linker tools.
bool IsValidToolSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
bool IsValidCopySubstitution(const Substitution* type);
bool IsValidCompileXCassetsSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
// Validates that each substitution type in the vector passes the given
// is_valid_subst predicate. Returns true on success. On failure, fills in the
// error object with an appropriate message and returns false.
bool EnsureValidSubstitutions(const std::vector<const Substitution*>& types,
bool (*is_valid_subst)(const Substitution*),
const ParseNode* origin,
Err* err);