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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "gn/label_ptr.h"
#include "gn/unique_vector.h"
class BuildSettings;
class Err;
class FunctionCallNode;
class Scope;
class SubstitutionPattern;
class Value;
// Fills the variables in a Target object from a Scope (the result of a script
// execution). Target-type-specific derivations of this class will be used
// for each different type of function call. This class implements the common
// behavior.
class TargetGenerator {
TargetGenerator(Target* target,
Scope* scope,
const FunctionCallNode* function_call,
Err* err);
virtual ~TargetGenerator();
void Run();
// The function call is the parse tree node that invoked the target.
// err() will be set on failure.
static void GenerateTarget(Scope* scope,
const FunctionCallNode* function_call,
const std::vector<Value>& args,
const std::string& output_type,
Err* err);
// Derived classes implement this to do type-specific generation.
virtual void DoRun() = 0;
const BuildSettings* GetBuildSettings() const;
virtual bool FillSources();
bool FillPublic();
bool FillConfigs();
bool FillOutputs(bool allow_substitutions);
bool FillCheckIncludes();
bool FillOutputExtension();
// Rrturns true if the given pattern will expand to a file in the output
// directory. If not, returns false and sets the error, blaming the given
// Value.
bool EnsureSubstitutionIsInOutputDir(const SubstitutionPattern& pattern,
const Value& original_value);
Target* target_;
Scope* scope_;
const FunctionCallNode* function_call_;
Err* err_;
bool FillDependentConfigs(); // Includes all types of dependent configs.
bool FillData();
bool FillDependencies(); // Includes data dependencies.
bool FillMetadata();
bool FillTestonly();
bool FillAssertNoDeps();
bool FillWriteRuntimeDeps();
// Reads configs/deps from the given var name, and uses the given setting on
// the target to save them.
bool FillGenericConfigs(const char* var_name,
UniqueVector<LabelConfigPair>* dest);
bool FillGenericDeps(const char* var_name, LabelTargetVector* dest);
TargetGenerator(const TargetGenerator&) = delete;
TargetGenerator& operator=(const TargetGenerator&) = delete;