[OWNERS] Add OWNERS file for `infra/config`

Transitioning from `find-owners` to `code-owners` introduces the
expectation that there is an OWNERS file (at the root) for each
branch in a repository where OWNERS is enforced.

Duplicate the OWNERS file from `main` to `infra/config` to satisfy
this requirement here.

BUG: b/200151776
Change-Id: I5f486aefd8e6e574b4ea4e13497b074b148619ee
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Reviewed-by: Petr Hosek <phosek@google.com>
1 file changed
tree: 9adb7f88bbb84929d5d9c63cf7480a464fd6fe33
  1. codereview.settings
  2. commit-queue.cfg
  3. cr-buildbucket.cfg
  4. luci-logdog.cfg
  5. luci-milo.cfg
  6. luci-scheduler.cfg
  8. project.cfg
  9. README.md

This branch contains project-wide configurations for infra services.