Generate a StaticLibrary for rlibs and DynamicLibrary for proc macros

Teaches GN to be able to generate VS ide files when Rust-specific
target types are present.

Bug: 339
Change-Id: Ie07ac45e13686d5f7f49be33b817df68e787ceea
Reviewed-by: Brett Wilson <>
Commit-Queue: danakj <>
Reviewed-by: Takuto Ikuta <>
Reviewed-by: Dana Jansens <>
diff --git a/src/gn/ b/src/gn/
index f567d36..31c6e0a 100644
--- a/src/gn/
+++ b/src/gn/
@@ -134,9 +134,11 @@
       return "Application";
     case Target::SHARED_LIBRARY:
     case Target::LOADABLE_MODULE:
+    case Target::RUST_PROC_MACRO:
       return "DynamicLibrary";
     case Target::STATIC_LIBRARY:
     case Target::SOURCE_SET:
+    case Target::RUST_LIBRARY:
       return "StaticLibrary";
     case Target::GROUP:
       return "Utility";