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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "gn/action_values.h"
#include "gn/bundle_file_rule.h"
#include "gn/source_dir.h"
#include "gn/source_file.h"
#include "gn/substitution_list.h"
#include "gn/unique_vector.h"
class LabelPattern;
class OutputFile;
class Settings;
class Target;
// BundleData holds the information required by "create_bundle" target.
class BundleData {
using UniqueTargets = UniqueVector<const Target*>;
using SourceFiles = std::vector<SourceFile>;
using OutputFiles = std::vector<OutputFile>;
using BundleFileRules = std::vector<BundleFileRule>;
// Adds a bundle_data target to the recursive collection of all bundle_data
// that the target depends on.
void AddBundleData(const Target* target);
// Called upon resolution of the target owning this instance of BundleData.
// |owning_target| is the owning target.
void OnTargetResolved(Target* owning_target);
// Returns the list of inputs.
void GetSourceFiles(SourceFiles* sources) const;
// Returns the list of outputs.
bool GetOutputFiles(const Settings* settings,
const Target* target,
OutputFiles* outputs,
Err* err) const;
// Returns the list of outputs as SourceFile.
bool GetOutputsAsSourceFiles(const Settings* settings,
const Target* target,
SourceFiles* outputs_as_source,
Err* err) const;
// Returns the path to the compiled asset catalog. Only valid if
// assets_catalog_sources() is not empty.
SourceFile GetCompiledAssetCatalogPath() const;
// Returns the path to the top-level directory of the bundle. This is
// based on root_dir(), but since that can be or
// any other subpath, this is just the most top-level directory (e.g.,
// just
// Note that this is a SourceFile instead of a SourceDir. This is because
// the output of a create_bundle rule is a single logical unit, even though
// it is really a directory containing many outputs. This allows other
// targets to treat the bundle as a single unit, rather than a collection
// of its contents.
SourceFile GetBundleRootDirOutput(const Settings* settings) const;
// Performs GetBundleRootDirOutput but returns the result as a directory.
SourceDir GetBundleRootDirOutputAsDir(const Settings* settings) const;
// Returns directory where bundle is
SourceDir GetBundleDir(const Settings* settings) const;
// Returns the list of inputs for the compilation of the asset catalog.
SourceFiles& assets_catalog_sources() { return assets_catalog_sources_; }
const SourceFiles& assets_catalog_sources() const {
return assets_catalog_sources_;
// Returns the list of dependencies for the compilation of the asset catalog.
std::vector<const Target*> assets_catalog_deps() const {
return assets_catalog_deps_;
BundleFileRules& file_rules() { return file_rules_; }
const BundleFileRules& file_rules() const { return file_rules_; }
SourceDir& root_dir() { return root_dir_; }
const SourceDir& root_dir() const { return root_dir_; }
SourceDir& contents_dir() { return contents_dir_; }
const SourceDir& contents_dir() const { return contents_dir_; }
SourceDir& resources_dir() { return resources_dir_; }
const SourceDir& resources_dir() const { return resources_dir_; }
SourceDir& executable_dir() { return executable_dir_; }
const SourceDir& executable_dir() const { return executable_dir_; }
std::map<std::string, std::string>& xcode_extra_attributes() {
return xcode_extra_attributes_;
const std::map<std::string, std::string>& xcode_extra_attributes() const {
return xcode_extra_attributes_;
std::string& product_type() { return product_type_; }
const std::string& product_type() const { return product_type_; }
std::string& xcode_test_application_name() {
return xcode_test_application_name_;
const std::string& xcode_test_application_name() const {
return xcode_test_application_name_;
void set_partial_info_plist(const SourceFile& partial_info_plist) {
partial_info_plist_ = partial_info_plist;
const SourceFile& partial_info_plist() const { return partial_info_plist_; }
void set_code_signing_script(const SourceFile& script_file) {
code_signing_script_ = script_file;
const SourceFile& code_signing_script() const { return code_signing_script_; }
std::vector<SourceFile>& code_signing_sources() {
return code_signing_sources_;
const std::vector<SourceFile>& code_signing_sources() const {
return code_signing_sources_;
SubstitutionList& code_signing_outputs() { return code_signing_outputs_; }
const SubstitutionList& code_signing_outputs() const {
return code_signing_outputs_;
SubstitutionList& code_signing_args() { return code_signing_args_; }
const SubstitutionList& code_signing_args() const {
return code_signing_args_;
std::vector<LabelPattern>& bundle_deps_filter() {
return bundle_deps_filter_;
const std::vector<LabelPattern>& bundle_deps_filter() const {
return bundle_deps_filter_;
SubstitutionList& xcasset_compiler_flags() { return xcasset_compiler_flags_; }
const SubstitutionList& xcasset_compiler_flags() const {
return xcasset_compiler_flags_;
// Recursive collection of all bundle_data that the target depends on.
const UniqueTargets& bundle_deps() const { return bundle_deps_; }
// Returns whether the bundle is an application bundle.
bool is_application() const {
return product_type_ == "";
// Returns whether the bundle is a framework bundle.
bool is_framework() const {
return product_type_ == "";
SourceFiles assets_catalog_sources_;
std::vector<const Target*> assets_catalog_deps_;
BundleFileRules file_rules_;
UniqueTargets bundle_deps_;
std::vector<LabelPattern> bundle_deps_filter_;
// All those values are subdirectories relative to root_build_dir, and apart
// from root_dir_, they are either equal to root_dir_ or subdirectories of it.
SourceDir root_dir_;
SourceDir contents_dir_;
SourceDir resources_dir_;
SourceDir executable_dir_;
// The specified attributes will append to the build settings of the generated
// Xcode target.
std::map<std::string, std::string> xcode_extra_attributes_;
// This is the target type as known to Xcode. This is only used to generate
// the Xcode project file when using --ide=xcode.
std::string product_type_;
// Each Xcode unit test or ui test target must have a test application target,
// and this value corresponds to the target name. This is only used to
// generate the Xcode project when using --ide=xcode.
std::string xcode_test_application_name_;
// Path to the partial Info.plist generated by the asset catalog compiler
// (corresponds to {{bundle_partial_info_plist}} expansion).
SourceFile partial_info_plist_;
// Holds the values (script name, sources, outputs, script arguments) for the
// code signing step if defined.
SourceFile code_signing_script_;
std::vector<SourceFile> code_signing_sources_;
SubstitutionList code_signing_outputs_;
SubstitutionList code_signing_args_;
SubstitutionList xcasset_compiler_flags_;
BundleData(const BundleData&) = delete;
BundleData& operator=(const BundleData&) = delete;