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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <iosfwd>
#include "gn/path_output.h"
#include "gn/resolved_target_data.h"
#include "gn/substitution_type.h"
class OutputFile;
class Settings;
class Target;
struct SubstitutionBits;
// Generates one target's ".ninja" file. The toplevel "" file is
// generated by the NinjaBuildWriter.
class NinjaTargetWriter {
NinjaTargetWriter(const Target* target, std::ostream& out);
virtual ~NinjaTargetWriter();
// Returns a ResolvedTargetData that can be used to retrieve information
// from targets. The instance can be set through SetResolvedTargetData()
// or may be created on demand otherwise (which is useful to keep unit-tests
// simple).
const ResolvedTargetData& resolved() const;
// Sets the ResolvedTargetData instance to return for future resolved()
// calls. Does not transfer ownership, and allows several NinjaTargetWriter
// instances to share the same cached information.
void SetResolvedTargetData(ResolvedTargetData* resolved);
// Returns the build line to be written to the toolchain build file.
// Some targets have their rules written to separate files, and some can have
// their rules coalesced in the main build file. For the coalesced case, this
// function will return the rules as a string. For the separate file case,
// the separate ninja file will be written and the return string will be the
// subninja command to load that file.
static std::string RunAndWriteFile(const Target* target,
ResolvedTargetData* resolved = nullptr);
virtual void Run() = 0;
// Returns a writable pointer to resolved(). Only used internally.
ResolvedTargetData* GetResolvedTargetData();
// Writes out the substitution values that are shared between the different
// types of tools (target gen dir, target label, etc.). Only the substitutions
// identified by the given bits will be written.
void WriteSharedVars(const SubstitutionBits& bits);
// Writes out the substitution values that are shared between C compiler tools
// and action tools. Only the substitutions identified by the given bits will
// be written.
// If respect_source_used is set, the generated substitution values will
// respect the types of source code used; otherwise they will respect the bits
// passed in.
void WriteCCompilerVars(const SubstitutionBits& bits,
bool indent,
bool respect_source_used);
// Writes out the substitution values that are shared between Rust tools
// and action tools. Only the substitutions identified by the given bits will
// be written, unless 'always_write' is specified.
void WriteRustCompilerVars(const SubstitutionBits& bits,
bool indent,
bool always_write);
// Writes to the output stream a stamp rule for input dependencies, and
// returns the file to be appended to source rules that encodes the
// order-only dependencies for the current target.
// If num_stamp_uses is small, this might return all input dependencies
// directly, without writing a stamp file.
// If there are no implicit dependencies and no additional target dependencies
// are passed in, this returns an empty vector.
std::vector<OutputFile> WriteInputDepsStampAndGetDep(
const std::vector<const Target*>& additional_hard_deps,
size_t num_stamp_uses) const;
// Writes to the output file a final stamp rule for the target that stamps
// the given list of files. This function assumes the stamp is for the target
// as a whole so the stamp file is set as the target's dependency output.
void WriteStampForTarget(const std::vector<OutputFile>& deps,
const std::vector<OutputFile>& order_only_deps);
const Settings* settings_; // Non-owning.
const Target* target_; // Non-owning.
std::ostream& out_;
PathOutput path_output_;
// The ResolvedTargetData instance can be set through SetResolvedTargetData()
// or it will be created lazily when resolved() is called, hence the need
// for 'mutable' here.
mutable ResolvedTargetData* resolved_ptr_ = nullptr;
mutable std::unique_ptr<ResolvedTargetData> resolved_owned_;
void WriteCopyRules();
void WriteEscapedSubstitution(const Substitution* type);
NinjaTargetWriter(const NinjaTargetWriter&) = delete;
NinjaTargetWriter& operator=(const NinjaTargetWriter&) = delete;