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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "base/synchronization/lock.h"
#include "tools/gn/config_values.h"
#include "tools/gn/item.h"
#include "tools/gn/source_file.h"
class InputFile;
class Settings;
class Token;
class Target : public Item {
enum OutputType {
typedef std::vector<SourceFile> FileList;
typedef std::vector<std::string> StringVector;
Target(const Settings* settings, const Label& label);
virtual ~Target();
// Item overrides.
virtual Target* AsTarget() OVERRIDE;
virtual const Target* AsTarget() const OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnResolved() OVERRIDE;
// This flag indicates if we've run the TargetGenerator for this target to
// fill out the rest of the values. Once we've done this, we save the
// location of the function that started the generating so that we can detect
// duplicate declarations.
bool HasBeenGenerated() const;
void SetGenerated(const Token* token);
const Settings* settings() const { return settings_; }
OutputType output_type() const { return output_type_; }
void set_output_type(OutputType t) { output_type_ = t; }
bool IsLinkable() const;
const FileList& sources() const { return sources_; }
void swap_in_sources(FileList* s) { sources_.swap(*s); }
const FileList& data() const { return data_; }
void swap_in_data(FileList* d) { data_.swap(*d); }
const std::vector<const Target*>& deps() const { return deps_; }
void swap_in_deps(std::vector<const Target*>* d) { deps_.swap(*d); }
// List of configs that this class inherits settings from.
const std::vector<const Config*>& configs() const { return configs_; }
void swap_in_configs(std::vector<const Config*>* c) { configs_.swap(*c); }
// List of configs that all dependencies (direct and indirect) of this
// target get. These configs are not added to this target.
const std::vector<const Config*>& all_dependent_configs() const {
return all_dependent_configs_;
void swap_in_all_dependent_configs(std::vector<const Config*>* c) {
// List of configs that targets depending directly on this one get. These
// configs are not added to this target.
const std::vector<const Config*>& direct_dependent_configs() const {
return direct_dependent_configs_;
void swap_in_direct_dependent_configs(std::vector<const Config*>* c) {
const std::set<const Target*>& inherited_libraries() const {
return inherited_libraries_;
// This config represents the configuration set directly on this target.
ConfigValues& config_values() { return config_values_; }
const ConfigValues& config_values() const { return config_values_; }
const SourceDir& destdir() const { return destdir_; }
void set_destdir(const SourceDir& d) { destdir_ = d; }
const SourceFile& script() const { return script_; }
void set_script(const SourceFile& s) { script_ = s; }
const std::vector<std::string>& script_args() const { return script_args_; }
void swap_in_script_args(std::vector<std::string>* sa) {
const FileList& outputs() const { return outputs_; }
void swap_in_outputs(FileList* s) { outputs_.swap(*s); }
const Settings* settings_;
OutputType output_type_;
FileList sources_;
FileList data_;
std::vector<const Target*> deps_;
std::vector<const Config*> configs_;
std::vector<const Config*> all_dependent_configs_;
std::vector<const Config*> direct_dependent_configs_;
// Libraries from transitive deps. Libraries need to be linked only
// with the end target (executable, shared library). These do not get
// pushed beyond shared library boundaries.
std::set<const Target*> inherited_libraries_;
ConfigValues config_values_;
SourceDir destdir_;
// Script target stuff.
SourceFile script_;
std::vector<std::string> script_args_;
FileList outputs_;
bool generated_;
const Token* generator_function_; // Who generated this: for error messages.
#endif // TOOLS_GN_TARGET_H_