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" Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
" Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
" found in the LICENSE file.
" gn.vim: Vim syntax file for GN.
" Quit when a (custom) syntax file was already loaded
"if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn case match
" Keywords within functions
syn keyword gnConditional if else
hi def link gnConditional Conditional
" Predefined variables
syn keyword gnPredefVar current_cpu current_os current_toolchain
syn keyword gnPredefVar default_toolchain host_cpu host_os
syn keyword gnPredefVar root_build_dir root_gen_dir root_out_dir
syn keyword gnPredefVar target_cpu target_gen_dir target_out_dir
syn keyword gnPredefVar target_os
syn keyword gnPredefVar true false
hi def link gnPredefVar Constant
" Target declarations
syn keyword gnTarget action action_foreach copy executable group
syn keyword gnTarget shared_library source_set static_library
syn keyword gnTarget loadable_module generated_file
syn keyword gnTarget rust_library rust_proc_macro
hi def link gnTarget Type
" Buildfile functions
syn keyword gnFunctions assert config declare_args defined exec_script
syn keyword gnFunctions foreach get_label_info get_path_info
syn keyword gnFunctions get_target_outputs getenv import print
syn keyword gnFunctions process_file_template propagates_configs read_file
syn keyword gnFunctions rebase_path set_default_toolchain set_defaults
syn keyword gnFunctions split_list string_join string_split template tool
syn keyword gnFunctions toolchain toolchain_args write_file
hi def link gnFunctions Macro
" Variables
syn keyword gnVariable all_dependent_configs allow_circular_includes_from
syn keyword gnVariable args asmflags assert_no_deps
syn keyword gnVariable cflags cflags_c cflags_cc cflags_objc cflags_objcc
syn keyword gnVariable check_includes complete_static_lib configs
syn keyword gnVariable data data_deps data_keys defines depfile deps
syn keyword gnVariable framework_dirs frameworks include_dirs inputs ldflags
syn keyword gnVariable lib_dirs libs output_extension output_name outputs
syn keyword gnVariable public public_configs public_deps scripte sources
syn keyword gnVariable testonly visibility contents output_conversion rebase
syn keyword gnVariable walk_keys
hi def link gnVariable Keyword
" Strings
syn region gnString start=+L\="+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ contains=@Spell,gnTargetName
syn match gnTargetName '\v:[^"]+' contained
hi def link gnString String
hi def link gnTargetName Special
" Comments
syn keyword gnTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX BUG NOTE
syn cluster gnCommentGroup contains=gnTodo
syn region gnComment start="#" end="$" contains=@gnCommentGroup,@Spell
hi def link gnComment Comment
hi def link gnTodo Todo
" Operators; I think this is a bit too colourful.
"syn match gnOperator /=/
"syn match gnOperator /!=/
"syn match gnOperator />=/
"syn match gnOperator /<=/
"syn match gnOperator /==/
"syn match gnOperator /+=/
"syn match gnOperator /-=/
"syn match gnOperator /\s>\s/
"syn match gnOperator /\s<\s/
"syn match gnOperator /\s+\s/
"syn match gnOperator /\s-\s/
"hi def link gnOperator Operator
syn sync minlines=500
let b:current_syntax = "gn"