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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef TOOLS_GN_TOOL_H_
#define TOOLS_GN_TOOL_H_
#include <string>
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "gn/label.h"
#include "gn/label_ptr.h"
#include "gn/scope.h"
#include "gn/source_file.h"
#include "gn/substitution_list.h"
#include "gn/substitution_pattern.h"
class ParseNode;
class Pool;
class Target;
class Toolchain;
class CTool;
class GeneralTool;
class RustTool;
class BuiltinTool;
// To add a new Tool category, create a subclass implementing SetComplete()
// Add a new category to ToolCategories
// Add a GetAs* function
class Tool {
static const char* kToolNone;
virtual ~Tool();
// Manual RTTI and required functions ---------------------------------------
// To implement a new tool category to compile binaries in a different way,
// inherit this class, implement the following functions, and add the
// appropriate ToolTypes and RTTI getters. New tools will also need to
// implement a corresponding class inheriting NinjaBinaryTargetWriter that
// does the actual rule writing.
// Initialize tool from a scope. Child classes should override this function
// and call the parent.
bool InitTool(Scope* block_scope, Toolchain* toolchain, Err* err);
// Validate the char* passed to the creation.
virtual bool ValidateName(const char* name) const = 0;
// Called when the toolchain is saving this tool, after everything is filled
// in.
virtual void SetComplete() = 0;
// Validate substitutions in this tool.
virtual bool ValidateSubstitution(const Substitution* sub_type) const = 0;
// Manual RTTI
virtual CTool* AsC();
virtual const CTool* AsC() const;
virtual GeneralTool* AsGeneral();
virtual const GeneralTool* AsGeneral() const;
virtual RustTool* AsRust();
virtual const RustTool* AsRust() const;
virtual BuiltinTool* AsBuiltin();
virtual const BuiltinTool* AsBuiltin() const;
// Basic information ---------------------------------------------------------
const ParseNode* defined_from() const { return defined_from_; }
void set_defined_from(const ParseNode* df) { defined_from_ = df; }
const char* name() const { return name_; }
// Getters/setters ----------------------------------------------------------
// After the tool has had its attributes set, the caller must call
// SetComplete(), at which point no other changes can be made.
// Command to run.
const SubstitutionPattern& command() const { return command_; }
void set_command(SubstitutionPattern cmd) {
command_ = std::move(cmd);
// Launcher for the command (e.g. goma)
const std::string& command_launcher() const { return command_launcher_; }
void set_command_launcher(std::string l) {
command_launcher_ = std::move(l);
// Should include a leading "." if nonempty.
const std::string& default_output_extension() const {
return default_output_extension_;
void set_default_output_extension(std::string ext) {
DCHECK(ext.empty() || ext[0] == '.');
default_output_extension_ = std::move(ext);
const SubstitutionPattern& default_output_dir() const {
return default_output_dir_;
void set_default_output_dir(SubstitutionPattern dir) {
default_output_dir_ = std::move(dir);
// Dependency file (if supported).
const SubstitutionPattern& depfile() const { return depfile_; }
void set_depfile(SubstitutionPattern df) {
depfile_ = std::move(df);
const SubstitutionPattern& description() const { return description_; }
void set_description(SubstitutionPattern desc) {
description_ = std::move(desc);
const std::string& framework_switch() const { return framework_switch_; }
void set_framework_switch(std::string s) {
framework_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& weak_framework_switch() const {
return weak_framework_switch_;
void set_weak_framework_switch(std::string s) {
weak_framework_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& framework_dir_switch() const {
return framework_dir_switch_;
void set_framework_dir_switch(std::string s) {
framework_dir_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& lib_switch() const { return lib_switch_; }
void set_lib_switch(std::string s) {
lib_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& lib_dir_switch() const { return lib_dir_switch_; }
void set_lib_dir_switch(std::string s) {
lib_dir_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& swiftmodule_switch() const { return swiftmodule_switch_; }
void set_swiftmodule_switch(std::string s) {
swiftmodule_switch_ = std::move(s);
const std::string& linker_arg() const { return linker_arg_; }
void set_linker_arg(std::string s) {
linker_arg_ = std::move(s);
const SubstitutionList& outputs() const { return outputs_; }
void set_outputs(SubstitutionList out) {
outputs_ = std::move(out);
const SubstitutionList& partial_outputs() const { return partial_outputs_; }
void set_partial_outputs(SubstitutionList partial_out) {
partial_outputs_ = std::move(partial_out);
const SubstitutionList& runtime_outputs() const { return runtime_outputs_; }
void set_runtime_outputs(SubstitutionList run_out) {
runtime_outputs_ = std::move(run_out);
const std::string& output_prefix() const { return output_prefix_; }
void set_output_prefix(std::string s) {
output_prefix_ = std::move(s);
bool restat() const { return restat_; }
void set_restat(bool r) {
restat_ = r;
const SubstitutionPattern& rspfile() const { return rspfile_; }
void set_rspfile(SubstitutionPattern rsp) {
rspfile_ = std::move(rsp);
const SubstitutionPattern& rspfile_content() const {
return rspfile_content_;
void set_rspfile_content(SubstitutionPattern content) {
rspfile_content_ = std::move(content);
const LabelPtrPair<Pool>& pool() const { return pool_; }
void set_pool(LabelPtrPair<Pool> pool) { pool_ = std::move(pool); }
// Other functions ----------------------------------------------------------
// Function for the above override to call to complete the tool.
void SetToolComplete();
// Substitutions required by this tool.
const SubstitutionBits& substitution_bits() const {
return substitution_bits_;
// Create a tool based on given features.
static std::unique_ptr<Tool> CreateTool(const std::string& name);
static std::unique_ptr<Tool> CreateTool(const ParseNode* function,
const std::string& name,
Scope* scope,
Toolchain* toolchain,
Err* err);
static const char* GetToolTypeForSourceType(SourceFile::Type type);
static const char* GetToolTypeForTargetFinalOutput(const Target* target);
explicit Tool(const char* t);
// Initialization functions -------------------------------------------------
// Initialization methods used by InitTool(). If successful, will set the
// field and return true, otherwise will return false. Must be called before
// SetComplete().
bool IsPatternInOutputList(const SubstitutionList& output_list,
const SubstitutionPattern& pattern) const;
bool ValidateSubstitutionList(const std::vector<const Substitution*>& list,
const Value* origin,
Err* err) const;
bool ValidateOutputs(Err* err) const;
bool ReadBool(Scope* scope, const char* var, bool* field, Err* err);
bool ReadString(Scope* scope, const char* var, std::string* field, Err* err);
bool ReadPattern(Scope* scope,
const char* var,
SubstitutionPattern* field,
Err* err);
bool ReadPatternList(Scope* scope,
const char* var,
SubstitutionList* field,
Err* err);
bool ReadLabel(Scope* scope,
const char* var,
const Label& current_toolchain,
LabelPtrPair<Pool>* field,
Err* err);
bool ReadOutputExtension(Scope* scope, Err* err);
const ParseNode* defined_from_ = nullptr;
const char* name_ = nullptr;
SubstitutionPattern command_;
std::string command_launcher_;
std::string default_output_extension_;
SubstitutionPattern default_output_dir_;
SubstitutionPattern depfile_;
SubstitutionPattern description_;
std::string framework_switch_;
std::string weak_framework_switch_;
std::string framework_dir_switch_;
std::string lib_switch_;
std::string lib_dir_switch_;
std::string swiftmodule_switch_;
std::string linker_arg_;
SubstitutionList outputs_;
SubstitutionList partial_outputs_;
SubstitutionList runtime_outputs_;
std::string output_prefix_;
bool restat_ = false;
SubstitutionPattern rspfile_;
SubstitutionPattern rspfile_content_;
LabelPtrPair<Pool> pool_;
bool complete_ = false;
SubstitutionBits substitution_bits_;
Tool(const Tool&) = delete;
Tool& operator=(const Tool&) = delete;
#endif // TOOLS_GN_TOOL_H_