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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import sys
import timeit
IS_WIN = sys.platform.startswith('win')
def RemoveDir(d):
if os.path.isdir(d):
def Trial(gn_path_to_use, save_out_dir=None):
bin_path = os.path.join('out', 'gntrial')
if not os.path.isdir(bin_path):
gn_to_run = os.path.join(bin_path, 'gn' + ('.exe' if IS_WIN else ''))
shutil.copy2(gn_path_to_use, gn_to_run)
comp_dir = os.path.join('out', 'COMP')
subprocess.check_call([gn_to_run, 'gen', comp_dir, '-q', '--check'])
if save_out_dir:
shutil.move(comp_dir, save_out_dir)
def main():
if len(sys.argv) < 3 or len(sys.argv) > 4:
print('Usage: /chrome/tree/at/762a25542878 rel_gn_path [clean]')
return 1
if len(sys.argv) == 4:
subprocess.check_call([sys.executable, os.path.join('build', '')])
subprocess.check_call(['ninja', '-C', 'out'])
subprocess.check_call([os.path.join('out', 'gn_unittests')])
orig_dir = os.getcwd()
in_chrome_tree_gn = sys.argv[2]
our_gn = os.path.join(orig_dir, 'out', 'gn' + ('.exe' if IS_WIN else ''))
# Check in-tree vs. ours. Uses:
# - Chromium tree at 762a25542878 in argv[1] (this can be off by a bit, but
# is roughly when GN was moved out of the Chrome tree, so matches in case GN
# semantics/ordering change after that.)
# - relative path to argv[1] built gn binary in argv[2]
# First, do a comparison to make sure the output between the two gn binaries
# actually matches.
print('Confirming output matches...')
dir_a = os.path.join('out', 'a')
dir_b = os.path.join('out', 'b')
Trial(in_chrome_tree_gn, dir_a)
Trial(our_gn, dir_b)
subprocess.check_call(['diff', '-r', dir_a, dir_b])
# Then, some time trials.
print('Comparing performance... (takes a while)')
time_a = timeit.timeit('Trial("%s")' % in_chrome_tree_gn, number=TRIALS,
setup='from __main__ import Trial')
time_b = timeit.timeit('Trial("%s")' % our_gn, number=TRIALS,
setup='from __main__ import Trial')
print('In-tree gn avg: %.3fs' % (time_a / TRIALS))
print('Our gn avg: %.3fs' % (time_b / TRIALS))
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':