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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include "base/containers/flat_map.h"
#include "gn/inherited_libraries.h"
#include "gn/label.h"
#include "gn/source_file.h"
// Holds the values (outputs, args, script name, etc.) for either an action or
// an action_foreach target.
class RustValues {
// Library crate types.
// The default value CRATE_AUTO means the type should be deduced from the
// target type (see InferredCrateType() below).
// Shared library crate types must be specified explicitly, all other target
// types can be deduced.
enum CrateType {
// Name of this crate.
std::string& crate_name() { return crate_name_; }
const std::string& crate_name() const { return crate_name_; }
// Main source file for this crate.
const SourceFile& crate_root() const { return crate_root_; }
void set_crate_root(SourceFile& s) { crate_root_ = s; }
// Crate type for compilation.
CrateType crate_type() const { return crate_type_; }
void set_crate_type(CrateType s) { crate_type_ = s; }
// Same as crate_type(), except attempt to resolve CRATE_AUTO based on the
// target type.
// Dylib and cdylib targets should call set_crate_type(CRATE_[C]DYLIB)
// explicitly to resolve ambiguity. For shared libraries, this assumes
// CRATE_DYLIB by default.
// For unsupported target types and targets without Rust sources,
// returns CRATE_AUTO.
static CrateType InferredCrateType(const Target* target);
// Returns whether this target is a Rust rlib, dylib, or proc macro.
// Notably, this does not include staticlib or cdylib targets that have Rust
// source, because they look like native libraries to the Rust compiler.
// It does include proc_macro targets, which are sometimes a special case.
// (TODO: Should it?)
static bool IsRustLibrary(const Target* target);
// Any renamed dependencies for the `extern` flags.
const std::map<Label, std::string>& aliased_deps() const {
return aliased_deps_;
std::map<Label, std::string>& aliased_deps() { return aliased_deps_; }
// Transitive closure of libraries that are depended on by this target
InheritedLibraries& transitive_libs() { return rust_libs_; }
const InheritedLibraries& transitive_libs() const { return rust_libs_; }
std::string crate_name_;
SourceFile crate_root_;
CrateType crate_type_ = CRATE_AUTO;
std::map<Label, std::string> aliased_deps_;
InheritedLibraries rust_libs_;
RustValues(const RustValues&) = delete;
RustValues& operator=(const RustValues&) = delete;